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Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

Stay ahead of your competition with specialist digital advertising from Waymaker SG

Google Advertisig

Specialist advertising across the google ecosystem, including search, display, maps and shopping.

PPC Strategy

Customized PPC strategy aligned with specific business goals, customer segments and product positioning.

Campaign Planning

Advanced keyword research to identify high-impact keywords currently in-use by audiences.

Platform Setup

Correct setup within the google ecosystem for the shortest learning curve and fastest results.

Copywriting & Design

High quality human-generated copywriting with eye-catching visuals in all applicable formats.

Keyword Management

Continuous optimisation of keyword lists and deployment of negative keywords to reduce irrelevant clicks.

Bid Management

Advanced bidding strategies to optimize for different devices, locations, and demographics.

Competitor Analysis

Competitive landscape monitoring to identify opportunities and outperform competitors.

Budget Management

Effective allocation of advertising budgets to achieve high ROI on every marketing dollar spent.

Remarketing, Retargeting

Ultra-targeted messaging to re-engage past website visitors and abandoned cart users with 

A/B Testing

Extensive research and testing on ad elements (headlines, copy, visuals) to identify top-performing variations.

100% Optimisation

Continuous optimisation of ad campaigns and budgets to adapt to changing market conditions.

Landing Page Optimisation

Sophisticated technical integration to improve the post-click user experience and maximise sales conversions.

Conversion Tracking and Reporting

Conversion tracking and performance monitoring of key metrics with actionable insights.

Ad Compliance & Quality Monitoring

Full compliance with ad platform policies and ongoing improvement of ad rank to lower costs.

Performance Recommendations

Strategic advice and thoughtful recommendations to improve marketing results and ROI.

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