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Waymaker SG is a full service marketing agency for startups.

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No blame-shifting, no finger-pointing, no rigid silos.

No rules.

The marketing partner you need as a startup entrepreneur.

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John Conrad Lee, Founder

I spent over a decade growing and protecting market leadership for globally respected brands: Siemens, GlaxoSmithKline, Transitions and McDonald's. 

I've built more than 10 startups in education, FinTech and the automotive sectors. And served as a consultant to startups and large public companies in Singapore, specialising in customer loyalty and client acquisition.

I have strong beliefs about how startups should do marketing.

Customers first. Lead from the front and give more than you ask. Act fast, accept feedback, drive forward.

Through Waymaker SG, I partner entrepreneurs and business owners who are all-in: No back door, no hesitation, no time to lose.

Onward, upward.

John Conrad Lee
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Startup marketing services

Everything you need to get your startup off the ground. Expand for details


Brand early and brand right. As a smart entrepreneur, set out to dominate your niche and build enterprise value from Day One.

The world's most successful businesses are built on powerful branding. Whatever the size of your company, branding is a high-ROI investment that bears exponential results.

Go down the proven route. Over the past 20+ years, we've built some of the world's most powerful multinational and startup brands.

Get branded with Waymaker SG. 

Social media for business

Social media for businesses is purpose-driven. Stay focused while you carve your niche in the distraction-laden world of social media. Staying laser-focused on ROI is your key to success. 

Don't make the mistake of relegating your social footprint to an intern, and never leave it to dabble with 'when you have time' at the end of your workday.

Potential clients and investors are checking you out on social. Keep it simple, professional and effective.

Get social with Waymaker SG.

Digital Advertising

As a startup, you need results. Reach deep into your target market with compelling ads that convert into sales on search and social media.

Getting the click is a unique combination of creative ads, intelligent bidding and strategic placement.

Build your marketing funnel fast, create amazing ads, and get results fast.

Get advertised with Waymaker SG.

Search optimisation (SEO)

Our content is published to be found organically by the prospects that matter to your business. You'll be found wherever your clients are searching - in the right place, at the right time, and for the right thing!

web asset development

Websites are digital real estate, and we build high-speed, mobile-optimised and content-rich web assets that reach thousands of visitors and generate millions in revenue, 24/7 worldwide!

sales copywriting

We treat your customers with empathy and respect, speaking to them with original content that engages, educates and sells. Your marketing presence reflects who you are and the services you provide, so work with a marketing agency that's proud to be among the very best at original sales and marketing copy anywhere in the world!

Email newsletters (EDM)

Every month, our EDMs reach thousands of ultra-targeted, high value customers, resulting in open rates 25% higher than average. This means every email you send results in thousands in extra profit with no incremental marketing expenditure! Shown below is the actual performance of our January 2021 EDM for a leading automotive client.

Waymaker EDM Open Rate

reviews & testimonial marketing

We specialise in testimonial marketing strategy and building rock-solid reputations for our clients. Our curated 5-star reviews mean that customers are sold on your expertise even before they step through your door for the very first time! 

Business & startup consulting

We've been involved in over 10 startups and been a consultant to public companies including several that form the STI Index in Singapore. We blend big-business strategy and startup agility to help you maximise every dollar you invest in marketing!


Shawn Moh

Chief Operating Officer, TES Capital

John created the strategic marketing plan and was personally responsible for the entire go to market execution of our global business launch. John brought invaluable insights and research to the business owners. He conducted thorough analysis of business plans and formulated precise, customized strategies to move the business forward. He was superb in lead generation which is the lifeblood of any business. 

Throughout all my interactions with John, he proved himself to be very professional and knowledgeable, yet humble. He was a great listener, ensuring he stayed updated on the operational challenges and details of the business, which allowed us to effectively brainstorm and formulate strategies.

I would unreservedly recommend John to anyone looking for a business advisor, partner and leader.

Chow Theng-Kai

Executive Director, OCBC Bank

John was the main go-to person that OCBC Bank worked with to launch a major loyalty initiative in Singapore. Throughout the process, John adopted a business-minded, win-win approach in developing solutions jointly, always willing to explore things that has not been done before. Even if the ideas were not standard company offerings or practices, John was always willing to be an internal advocate in order to push the boundaries. Without John's perseverance and support, the project would not have taken off as smoothly as it did.

In my interactions with John, I have always found him to be empathetic, seeking to see things from my perspective. As a result, he understands his clients' objectives and what is important to them. I find John to be reliable and trustworthy, a great partner to work with.

Daniel Pang

Director, Alltechsys / ALLID Indonesia

John was instrumental in guiding us as we started our digital payments business and entered new Southeast Asian markets. His insightful advice, hands-on guidance and practical wisdom had a big impact on our business. John has earned my trust as a business partner and advisor.

Fen Peh

Vice-President, DBS Bank

John developed and managed loyalty programmes for DBS. Over the course of more than 5 years, John provided leadership to a team that worked closely with the bank to ensure that the platform and service was continuously aligned with the bank’s needs and interests.

In my interactions with John, I have always found him to be pro-business and solution-minded. He has always been genuinely interested to help navigate through complex situations and focus on meeting business objectives. He has indeed proven himself to be trustworthy and a great partner to work with.

Kelvin Lee

Founder & CEO, The Listening Lab Group

John is an experienced manager who can balance the organization's business objectives while positively motivating his direct reports. His management style is one that mentors while giving sufficient leeway for creativity and out of the box thinking.

I also feel that his sense of personal and business integrity are immaculate and I truly appreciated my time working with him at Siemens Healthcare.

Sean Kaveri

General Manager APAC, TBR Global Chauffeuring

It was fantastic working with John. Detailed, insightful and results-driven, there is no one I would rather have more on my side of the negotiating table. John is a mentor who has not only guided me to be strategic, calculated and structured in my sales approach but also to be a principled gentleman in all my dealings professional and private.

I rarely come across real talent who stands out like John and he earns my highest endorsement.

Jonathan Siew

Head, Strategic Partnerships & Business Development, UNIQGIFT

John has always been looked up to as a sales and marketing guru. I had the privilege to work alongside him for over 2 years delivering digital solutions to enterprises. During this stint, we collaborated on multiple successful projects and I had the opportunity to understudy him; certainly a pleasure working with John.

Tan Mui-Mui

Director, GlaxoSmithKline

John's strong analytical and strategic mind helped to contribute much to a number of important strategic initiatives in GSK. He has also shown to possess a great discerning vision for business management and planning, in particular in managing complex business decisions.

Amos Poh

Chairman, BRDGE Singapore

John is a creative and thoughtful individual. I had the chance to work with him in BMW M Club of Singapore (MCoS). As a marketing director of MCoS he has brought the club to a new level of vibrancy. John is passionate in bringing new ideas to the table and his creativity has allowed us to explore options that we had not imagined before. In the midst of a pandemic, we continue to keep our members engaged, mainly thanks to John’s input and contributions.

He is able to articulate his ideas across and present effectively to stakeholders. He gives careful thought before he executes an idea and many times was able to provide constructive alternatives when we meet with roadblocks. Given his vast experience in marketing and his outstanding credentials, I believe John has the ability to deliver and go beyond.

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